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Our Services

Healthy Solutions, Tailor-Made for You

Applying Facial Cream

Advanced skincare treatments

  • Acne treatments

  • Pigmetation management and treatments 

  • Anti ageing treatments

  • Advanced chemical peels

  • Microneedling

  • Microdermabrassion

  • LED light therapy

  • Hydra facials

  • Stem cell treatment facials

  • Ultrasound facial

  • Rf treatments

  • Dermaplanning

  • Mesotherapy

Soft Skin

Body Treatments

Our body treatments are customized so that each client can achieve their desired results without compromise.

  • Stretchmarks treatment

  • Cellulite treatment

  • Slimming body wrap

  • Dark underarm treatment

  • Intimate area treatment

  • Keratosis pilaris treatment

Body Measurements

Laser Lipo &Slimming

Laser Lipo slimming

Though some clients begin to notice results after only a few sessions, most require 6–12 treatments to see maximum results.


Two treatments per week are recommended for maximum results


Because the treatment is not invasive, no downtime is required.

Which areas can be treated

All parts of the body that store fat can be treated.

The most common treatment areas include:

  • Abdomen

  • Waistline

  • Thighs

  • Arms​​

  • Legs

  • Under the chin

Skin Care

Laser Hair Removal

Our Pain free laser  uses an advanced laser technology, utilized by Flairskin Aesthetic Clinic to help you get rid of unwanted hair.

This laser model uses a diodes, alexandralite, nd-yag laser to penetrate into the skin and target the melanin-rich hair follicles to reduce hair growth in the future. Our laser is safe for all skin types.

How Laser Work

The Lumenis LightSheer is able to stop the growth of unwanted hair long term by targeting the hair follicle.* This is achieved by targeting the melanin inside the follicles and heating it up until to slow down hair growth from the follicle.

Although the Lumenis LightSheer can be used for many hair colors, it is most effective for darker hair, which is more abundant in melanin. Unfortunately, dyeing the hair will not help make the treatment more effective, as dye will not increase melanin in the follicle. This laser is gentle enough to target virtually any part of the body, including the chest, back, arm pits, arms, and bikini area, among others.*

Is Laser hair removal Safe?

Yes, the Lumenis LightSheer is a safe device, especially when the procedure is administered by our experience team.We take all of the necessary precautions to ensure patient safety during treatment.*

Further, the LightSheer features a specialized cooling technology, which helps prevent discomfort during treatment.

How many sessions will i need?

You will need 8-12 sessions on a 4-6 weeks interval, results vary according to skin type and hair type. it is best to book a consultation that includes a test patch to see how well the laser will work for you.

are in the growth phase, while others are resting. As melanin concentrations are greatest in follicles that are actively growing hair, multiple sessions are necessary to ensure that the vast majority of the follicles have been treated during their growth phase.

Skin tag removal

We use a hand-held device that uses a focused and controlled micro beam of energy that treats the superficial part of the skin (epidermis), without causing any damage to the underlying tissue.

Our Unique technique allows the skin to heal quickly without causing any damage to the skin as the energy can be adjusted based on the skin type/Sensitivity.

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