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Lamelle Tinted Sunblock no.04

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Helase Photo Repair Tint 50

Helase Photo Repair Tint 50 combines enhanced inorganic UVA and UVB filters with the Lamelle Ase ingredients that enable the Helase range to provide effective protection from other energy frequencies of sunlight.  The ingredients are formulated in an anhydrous silicon-based in such a way that provides four shades of tinted photoprotection and complete protection from these frequencies. Choosing the tint colour closest to your or your clients skin shade provides daily protection from the sun while covering blemishes and skin marks

All four Helase tint products contain iron oxide that better protects the skin from visible light energyVisible light is a powerful catalyst of melanogenesis in the skin.

Helase Photo Repair Tint 50 use:

•  Use it instead of your usual foundation for medium coverage.
•  Use it over your regular foundation for more coverage.
•  Use it post-treatment to protect and hide. 


Key advantages:

•  Anhydrous base  –  minimal  risk of tingling even when using directly after peels, micro-needling or other semi-invasive treatments.
•  Smooth and even application that lasts even when the day is hot and skin is perspiring
•  T he Ase technology goes beyond conventional broad- spectrum protection. 
•  Medium to full coverage of blemishes and marks on the skin.
•  It can be combined with your current foundation.
•  Protection from visible light frequencies


Directions for use: APPLY 10-15 min prior to going into the sun

•  After  cleansing,  allow your serums and moisturizer to penetrate into the skin.
•  Apply the Helase Photo Repair Tint 50 in the amount that would  be required  to have adequate protection and coverage
•  For  exposed skin that you would not use a foundation apply one of the other Helase produc ts i.e. chest
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